Define CVA Tenderness?

Costovertebral angle tenderness, which is also known as Murphy’s punch sign or Kidney Punch, is a medical test used in detection of infection around the kidneys. Percussion of the back area overlying the kidney elicits pain, thereby indicating the presence of an infection. Reference: Source: Photo Credit image link More info about this

Cramp on Left Lower Rib Cage?

If you are having repetitive cramps on the left side of your lower rib cage, you should contact your doctor to see if this is stemming from a more serious issue. There can be many reasons for the pain, including gas in the colon. There could also be irritation to the spleen, causing the pain

What is difference between data manipulation language and data defination language?

The definition of manipulation is to treat or operate with or as if with the hands or by mechanical means especially in a skillful manner. It can also mean to manage or utilize skillfully. An example sentence would be ‘The infant is able to manipulate the blocks.’ Source: Photo Credit image link More info

Why Are You Craving Lemons?

There are some possible reasons in which one would crave lemons. Some pregnant get a craving for lemons, however- non-pregnant women and men can also crave for them. One possible reason for this is one has a nutrient deficiency (such as vitamins and magnesium) and the body is telling them to compensate for it by

Deep Voice?

As men mature and go through puberty, their voices commonly deepen and become a lower tone. Socially, a deep voice is considered to be masculine and especially manly. However, tone of voice really has no bearing on someone’s masculinity or testosterone levels. Due to the social stigma of having a high voice, many men choose

How Much Does It Cost to Remove a Mole?

Mole removals cost between $150 – 350 and is so easy to undergo. Every dermatologist has a slightly different charge for mole removal. The price is based upon the size, shape, location and complexity of the removal. Source: Photo Credit photo link More info about this topic How Much does It Cost to Remove

What Is Cortal?

Cortal is a brand that is trusted for relief of mild to moderately severe pain including headache, flu, toothache, and fever. There is Cortal aspirin in 500 mg, which should not be taken if allergic to aspirin. Cortal SQR is ibuprofen and paracetamol, which should not be taken if pregnant without talking to a doctor.

Defensive Personality?

Someone with a defensive personality feels as though they are always being attacked and that they need to defend their words or actions when dealing with other individuals in their life. Reference: Source: Photo Credit picture link More info about this topic how to handle a defensive insecure person? 1. The first step

What Is the Correlation between Shoe Size and Height?

There’s very little relationship between the height of a person and his/her shoe size. Generally, the relationship is direct: a taller person will have a bigger shoe size. There are, however, exceptions to the rules. Source: Photo Credit image link More info about this topic What is the correlation between shoe size and height?

Dealing with Silent Treatment?

The silent treatment is a very popular tactic during or after an argument. It is often done out of anger, but can also be from sadness. Dealing with the silent treatment can vary. If the person given the silent treatment knows they were in the wrong, a sincere apology should be given. If the person