Difference between Period and Spotting?

A menstrual period is a part of the menstrual cycle. It marks the beginning of the menstrual cycle. The difference between a menstrual period and spotting, is the amount of blood that is discharged. A period is characterized as a heavy flow of blood lasting for approximately three to five days. On the other hand,

Difference between Paternal and Maternal Twins?

The difference between maternal and paternal twins is determined by the fertilization and number of the eggs. The difference is that Identical twins come from the similar egg while fraternal from two dissimilar eggs. This is brought about by the zygote consisting of two haploid sets of chromosomes bearing genes indicating the maternal and paternal

Difference between Muscle Ligament and Tendon?

The main difference between a muscle ligament and a tendon is that a ligament contains bones, whereas a tendon does not. Also, the tendon acts like an anchor for the actual muscle. Lastly, a ligament holds everything together. Reference: www.bendandmend.com.au Source: http://healthguidehq.com Photo Credit image link More info about this topic What makes a muscle

What Are the Different Types of Bubble Gum?

There are different type of bubble gum as far as brands. There is Double Bubble, Bazooka, Super Bubble Gum, Bubble Yum,and Hubba Bubba. Source: health guide hq Photo Credit image link More info about this topic What are the different types of bubble gum? There are juice bubble gums you can buy them from any

Difference between Novolog and Humalog?

Humalog and Novolog are both synthetically manufactured insulins used by diabetics. They both work the same ways, but they are manufactured by two different companies. Switiching medications should be done only through doctor care, and will require an adjustment of dosage. Reference: www.WebMD.com Source: www.healthguidehq.com Photo Credit image link More info about this topic How

Difference between Seltzer and Sparkling Water?

There is no difference between seltzer and sparkling water, both are simply names for soda water–club soda is another name as well. Seltzer and sparkling water can be used in cocktails or you can drink them on their own. They can also be used to clean stains. Source: health guide hq Photo Credit image link

Difference between Yellow and White Xanax Bars?

There is no real difference between yellow and white Xanax bars. The different colors usually indicate a different brand. They are all considered to be Alprazolam. Reference: www.drugs.com Source: www.healthguidehq.com Photo Credit photo link More info about this topic What is the difference between white and yellow xanax bars? The difference between them is that

How Many MCG in Mg?

The difference between Mg and mcg is 1000. So, for every 1 Mg, there is 1000mcg. For every 1mcg, there is .0001 of a Mg. The formula for this equation is simply 1mg=1000mcg. Source: http://healthguidehq.com Photo Credit photo link More info about this topic How Many Mcg in a Mg? It takes 1000 micrograms(mcgs) to

Difference between Lipitor and Zocor?

The difference between Lipitor and Zocor lies in its potency. Lipitor is approximately two times more potent than Zocor. It is used for lowering blood cholesterol. Source: health guide hq Photo Credit picture link More info about this topic Which is better Lipitor or Zocor? Both are STATINS . beware . especially if one has

How Are Human Brains Different Then Animals?

The difference between human and animal brains is that the human brain has greater capacities. These include abilities to include complex emotions. These can be humor, self consciousness, thinking of the meaning of life among others. Source: www.healthguidehq.com Photo Credit photo link More info about this topic How are human brains different then animals? Many